Arachnid Super Shuffleboard / Bowling

Arachnid Shuffleboard / Bowling Arcade Game.

Super Shuffle is a compact shuffleboard table with a flat screen video monitor. Comes with 7 Great Shuffleboard and Bowling Games ! Knock Off 11, Knock Off 15, Leader Of The Puck, First To 21, Crazy Shuffle, Classic Bowling and Split Secord Bowling – Game features both league play, tournament play and casual (home) play. Players launch a real-life puck across an abbreviated shuffleboard-style playfield, while a sensor tracks the puck’s speed and trajectory, then projects that via a virtual puck onto the flat screen

Handles Up to 4 Players / Teams Tournament:

1 to 4 players a game, or Player vs. Computer. Tournament play features 4 to 8 Players. Single or double elimination matches can be played in single or “2 out of 3” modes. “Luck of the Draw” placement is also available. League play is available with Knock Off 11, Knock Off 15, Crazy Shuffle, Classic Bowling and Split Second Bowling.



Dimensions: 31″w x 67″d x 53″h


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