Berzerk / Frenzy

Berzerk put you in an endless maze of killer robots, where even the walls would zap you to death. And if you hung around on any stage for too long, a bouncing smiley face named Evil Otto would hunt you down. Berzerk’s use of computerized voices (“GOT THE HUMANOID GOT THE INTRUDER!”) made things extra creepy.

Lesser known than Berzerk, Frenzy follows it up as all sequels should – it increases the types of enemies, adds new AI to their movement and creates more dynamics within the maze. So many sequels latch onto a central character and simply thrust him into a new adventure. Frenzy takes the status quo of Berzerk and adds to it while retaining the manic fun it generated. Very much like the jump from Defender to Stargate. Retro




33″ l x 25″ w x 68″h


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