Worlds Largest Pac-Man

Pac-Man is Back and BIGGER than Ever!

Have you ever wanted to play your favorite game on a video billboard? Well here is your chance to play the classics like you never have before. Light up your room with the World’s Largest Pac-Man. Will also play Galaga!!!

More information about Worlds Largest Pac-Man Arcade Game:

Game rental combines several new technologies into the game to create a unique gaming experience. The monitor is 8×6 feet large LED billboard that provides high visual contrast that cannot be replicated on any large TV monitor. The game also uses the new gun technology and new sound system with a subwoofer inside the seat that gives explosions an extra “punch.” The game is suitable for any age group.

With the growing demand for branding and customization, our award-winning creative team can customize and brand the rented equipment. Most commonly, with your company logo or custom graphics to make your company stand out at any party event, trade show, or the company break room. The game also has a built-in programable promotional advertising display screens. Up to 3 of your video ads can be programmed into the game to be shown during the Attract Mode. (224×288.png)




70″W x 96″D x 104″H


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