Track and Field

Track and Field is a Classic Sports Arcade Game Based on Summer Olympic Events which was developed as a 1983 olympic themed sports. In this game, there are quick repeating buttons which need to be pressed. In this there are 2 run buttons and there is one action button. These are needed to control the athlete who is to compete in 6 events in all.

The events are the 100 meter dash – where the athlete has to run as fast as possible. This is done by alternating the pressing of the buttons. The second event is the long jump where the running is done by the alternating button press as well as correctly timing the jump. The jump button has to be at angles which are optimum. Normally 42 degrees is considered as optimum. The next is the javelin throw followed by the 110 meter hurdles, the hammer throw as well as the high jump. In each event the athlete has to qualify against a certain mark before they go to the next level. If they don’t, one live of the player is reduced. If there are no more lives left, the game ends.

There are a total of 4 players who can compete in these games or else if there are fewer players, the computer fills in the remaining slots.



Dimensions: 25″w x 33″d x 68″h


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