Pac Man Chomp Mania

Players win by munching on as many of the familiar pac-dots and fruits as they can while being chased by the ghosts; Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. Grabbing the Power Pellets and eating the “frightened” blue ghosts will earn players extra points. If the level is cleared, the player advances to a bonus stage where Pac-Man™ needs to evade the ghosts as he navigates through the maze and tries to enter the ghost chamber where the “PAC-POT” is located. If you are successful in entering the ghost chamber, the player wins the “PAC-POT” and is treated to a mesmerizing Pac-Man™ animation and cabinet LED light show!


As a special option, “Pac-Man™ Chomp Mania” can also double as a gift card merchandiser for street locations that don’t use tickets. With a few simple adjustments in the test menu and the addition of a gift card dispenser, your Pac-Man™ Chomp Mania game can offer gift card prizes instead of ticket prizes. It also has custom gift card image support which allows you to upload any gift card image directly into the game via any USB thumb drive. Your gift card image will then be displayed on screen during attract mode and gameplay!




31″W x 33″L x 96″H


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