Open Ice 2 on 2

Open Ice 2 on 2 Hockey, Just imagine NBA Jam, then replace basketball with hockey. You pick a team and then play for the Stanley Cup. Your team is made up of four of the best players. You pick two of three offensive players and then you are assigned the goalie. Between periods you may rotate the lineup. Stats are kept throughout the game and video movie clips are also played. Players may choose to insert their initials and birthdate to keep track of scores and stats. There is the classic “On Fire” mode which is a bar that builds up with every steal, check, and goal until you are finally on fire, which gives you unlimited Turbo.

Play as Gordie Howe: Create a new player and enter “G[Space]H” as the initials, March 31 as the date, and choose any size head. The announcer will say “Mr. Hockey” to confirm correct code entry.



Dimensions: 41″w x 42″d x 75″h


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