Bags Target Toss Pro

Bags / Target Toss Pro is a new video game based on the popular beanbag toss – the nation’s hottest tailgate and bar game sensation. “Bags”, or “Cornhole” as they call it in some parts, originated in the Midwest in the early 1980’s and has since become the standard at outdoor social events coast-to-coast. Bags is a deceptively simple, yet very competitive game where players try to toss beanbags into a hole in a slightly raised platform or box for points. Whether tail-gaiting or at a summer barbeque, the game has become a social focal point and the unmistakable “thud” of bags hitting the box is now a universal party soundtrack.

In spring of 2007, IT released Target Toss Pro: Bags – a video game version of the beanbag phenomenon, with no heavy wooden boxes or open spaces being required! Just like its sister products, Golden Tee and Silver Strike Bowling, Target Toss Pro: Bags is a trackball-based arcade game that’s as fun, challenging and competitive as the real thing. It’s a twist on the game, featuring a new scoring strategy that rewards players for making a “swish” instead of a standard “hole shot”. In addition, wind plays a factor, especially in later rounds of the game. And for the first time in on-premise entertainment history, players have the power to set up their own four, eight, and sixteen-man tournaments!



Dimensions: 29″w x 45″d x 68″h


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