26′ Rock Wall

What would you like to know about our Rock Climbing Wall?

1. Is your Rock Wall Rental safe?

Our mobile climbing walls exceed ASTM, CE and other industry safety standards. Also our mobile climbing walls come equipped with Extreme Engineering’s patented Auto-Belay systems, the only fully redundant system on the market, which makes our climbing walls the safest climbing device available.

2. How many people can be on the climbing wall at the same time?

Our Climbing Wall has 4 stations but we prefer 2 climbers on the rockwall at the same time. Each side of our rockwall is designed a little bit different which allows for levels from easy for the newbie rock climbers, to medium for those climbers ready to step up a level (even little kids can do this side), to hard for climbers ready for a bigger challenge.

3. Can anyone climb on the Rock Wall Rental?

Anyone can climb as long as they are between 50 and 200 lbs. and are free of any medical restraints.

4. Where can I set up the your Climbing Wall?

The Rock Wall is on a trailer and is in the down position when it is being transported. We pull the Rock Wall with a truck and have to be able to drive it to the location where it is going to be set up. We need at least 10′ clearance to drive under and keep in mind that the trailer is 30′ long + the length of the truck. We can set the Rock Climbing Wall up on grass or concrete but we need a fairly level surface. Of course the Rock Wall is 26′ high when it is up, so we need clearance for that as well.



Dimensions: Rockwall: 30′ L x12′ W x 26′ H  –  Rockwall plus 2 Monkey Motion Bungee Trampolines: 30′ L x 50′ W x 26′ H
Power: (1) 110v 20 amp circuit


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