SR Sega Racing Classic

SEGA Racing Classic Video Arcade Driving Game –The #1 arcade racer video game returns in an all new cabinet ! The mega hit “Daytona USA” released in 1994 reintroduces itself with a new and updated look including a new Hi-Def Monitor, new music, along with both Automatic and Manual transmissions and timeless racing fun!

Players can enjoy the classic Daytona USA game play over 3 different track courses; Oval Circuit for beginners, consisting of 8 laps, Grand Canyon Course
for advanced racers, consisting of 4 challenging laps,
and the Seaside Course for experts, which consists of
2 extreme challenge laps.

During the race, the time limit will start decreasing with the start of the race and by passing the check points, additional time will be added onto the clock – when the time runs out, game is over !




43.5″W x 65″D x 83″H


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