Quad Bungee Monkey Motion Trampolines

The Monkey Motion Quad Pod Bungee Trampoline rental is great for birthday parties, special events, corporate functions and church events. Take on the world on this incredible 4-station Bungy Trampoline! You are attached to the Euro Bungy and the harder you jump, the higher you fly into the air. You can even do flips in the air! This event is great fun, high profile, and can even be a fantastic workout, popular with all age groups. Great for kids as well as adults up to 200lbs. The Bungy Trampoline is sure to bring in a crowd of spectators and participants! Our Quad Pod Trampoline is fully portable, mounted on a trailer for quick, safe and easy set-up.



Dimensions: Monkey Motion Bungee Trampolines: 30′ L x 50′ W x 28′ H
Power: (2) 110v 20 amp circuit


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