Jacobs Ladder Double

Try if you can to Climb the Ladder. Also known as Jacobs Ladder Inflatable at carnival game booths, this inflatable is a challenging attraction that always draws a line of eager participants wanting to test their skills. Whether riders challenge themselves individually or turn it into a race, Climb the Ladder is a fun game for everyone to try over and over again.

The Jacobs Ladder Climb is simple game itself that is hard to master. Challenge your Friends to keep their weight balanced as they race to the top of the ladder climb. The surface is 22’x17’ inflated and has plenty of room to catch the contestants as they teeter off the ladder. The inflated side walls provide added safety during operation.

The Jacobs Ladder is a fun game for carnivals and festivals or large family gatherings that look to have a variety of attractions for guests to keep the fun moving. It is also a hit at fundraising events as it makes ticket sales a lot easier.


Dimensions: 22L x 17W x 10H

Power: 1 – 20amp circuit


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