Chip Shot Golf

The Chip Shot a unique inflatable golf chipping game. The unit is enclosed on three sides by inflatable walls and added protection is provided by a full length safety net that runs across the tee area, keeping the prayer safe from any golf ball that may ricochet back to the tee area where the players are standing. Here’s how it works. Using a golf club, the player shoots the golf ball toward the scoring rings at the back of the unit. The score is determined by the score value of the ring the golf ball falls into. The ball is returned to the player at the tee area via a ball return tube. The players score is noted at the ball return receptacle and the next player is ready to shoot!

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Dimensions (LxWxH): 14′ x 11′ x 11′
Electrical Requirements: (1) 110v 20 amp circuit
Number of Operators: 1
Restrictions: Ages Kids to Adults


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