Monster Smash

Monster Smash Arcade Game is a high-energy fast paced game where hand and eye coordination is very important. The rented Monster Smash Arcade Game comes in a beautiful colorful cabinet with astonishing sound system, 42 inch flat screen LCD and LED lighting.

The object of the rented Monster Smash Arcade Game is to smash the colorful blocks with monster coming down the screen. The players are using 4 buttons on each side of the game cabinet at the end of the moving line where the colorful blocks with the monsters are terminating. The faster you smash, the faster the blocks are moving toward you. Hand and eye coordination and of course concentration is very important, since the average game lasts about 45 seconds. Monster Smash Arcade Game can be played as a single player against the computer. Or in a competition head to head mode against your opponent.



Dimensions: 31″w x 50″d x 34″h


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